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    New users
    1. I've opened radR, now what do I do?
    2. The player (or other) window disappeared.  How do I get it back?
    3. How do I load a plugin or tell whether it is already loaded, or configure it?
    4. Why doesn't the player "From:" button list my data source?
    5. How do I get a plugin to load automatically every time I start radR?
    6. How do I zoom, pan, or rotate the plot?
    7. What are the controls in the player window?
    8. How do I keep a menu window open?
    9. How do I get rid of that annoying text box in the plot window?
    10. How do I adjust the playback speed of recorded data?
    What is...
    1. the antenna rotation axis?
    Changing how data are processed
    1. How do I vary the hot score threshold with range?
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