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Sample Data

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    This page has sample movie files that you can view without installing radR and some data files which you can download and use with radR. 

    Visit the GIFmovie plugin page for several examples of GIFmovies, go to the GIFmovie: sample radR session subsection for a look a basic look at radR in action, or click on the .WMV file below for examples of radar data that you can view without installing radR. The .WMV movie requires a movie player, such as Windows Media Player.

    Included in the movie are data that show normal migration, strong migration, insects, rain and birds, and flocks: blips.wmv (15 Mbytes)

    Instructions for viewing data in radR:
    • download the .ZIP file
    • unzip all three or four files from each .ZIP file into a folder
    • inside radR:
      • load the blipmoviearch plugin (these movies use an old version of the blipmovie format)
      • press the From: button in the player window
      • choose Blipmovie archive reader -> Choose a file...
      • browse to the location where you unzipped the .ZIP file
      • hit the Play (right pointing triangle in the player window) to watch the movie, or drag the slider bar
    The Movies (old blipmoviearch format)
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