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    radR is a user-supported, open source project which aims to improve and broaden the use of radars in biological research, by providing a convenient reference platform for:

    • generating, visualizing, and sharing feature-level datasets from raw radar data
    • developing, testing and publishing new algorithms
    • evaluating and comparing radar hardware

    radR is hardware neutral - it interacts with proprietary radar digitization cards via their client libraries

    radR uses straightforward documented statistical techniques for all processing steps

    radR is multiplatform - with versions for Windows and Linux operating systems

    radR uses a portable GUI - the interface is coded in R using the tcl/tk package

    radR offers separation of GUI and data processing - the graphical interface layer is cleanly separated from the processing layer, allowing for batch processing

    radR is not a replacement for commercial real-time software

    radR is not a free-standing program - it is a layer atop the R statistical programming package, which provides a rich extension language and a broad spectrum of statistical tools

    radR is not vendor-specific - we aim to support the user's choice of hardware

    radR will not solve all of your data problems out-of-the-box - it is meant to make it easier for you to reproduce other people's methods and to develop your own

    Please do not use radR for navigation or air traffic control!

    Visit Radar concepts, as understood by radR to learn more about basic radar concepts.

    For new users, visit FAQ to get started.

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