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Features and Plugins

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    This page summarizes radR features, most of which are implemented as plugins.  Not every plugin is loaded by default, but you can load them manually and/or have radR load them automatically.

    Data sources (*: requires 3rd party hardware)

    • antenna:  load, edit, and save antenna characteristics
    • seascan (*):  acquire data from a Rutter Inc. Sigma S6 digitizer card via Seascan server
    • seascanarch: read raw radar data from .DAT files recorded by Rutter Seascan software
    • usrp (New May 2012): acquire data from an Ettus Research USRP-1 with LFRX daughterboard and custom electrical front-end
    • xir3000 (*): acquire data from a Russell Technologies Inc. XIR3000 USB video processor board
    • xir3000arch: read raw radar data from folders of .REC files created by RTI software
    • video: process camera movies (e.g. radar display screenshots) in rectangular coordinates using radR's algorithms and interface
    • genblips:  generate artificial data from a simple, customizable dynamic model of target motion


    Data Storage

    • blipmovie:  read and writes archives of blip data
    • rawarch:  read and write full scans of raw data

    Visualization and Interface

    • bliptrails:  retain images of blips from some or all past scans in the plot window
    • console window:  evalute R expressions while radR runs; has a simple history mechanism.
    • gifmovie:  create animated .GIF files of radR in action
    • pointerinfo:  pop up a window describing what's under the cursor in the plot window
    • underlay:  allow a geo-referenced GIF image to be displayed under the plot window

    These features are in the works:

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