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    People who have participated in this project:

    (Please add to this or contact one of the listed individuals if you feel you or your organiziation has been left out!)

    Impresario: Phil Taylor

    • organization, ideas, motivation, initial studies and ongoing support for the project

    Technician: John Brzustowski (jbrzusto AT fastmail DOT fm)

    • programming of the radR platform and plugins; program documentation and wiki; statistical models

    Hardware development and support: Dave Wilson (info AT emc DOT net)

    • development and debugging of hardware components; especially the tiltable dish antenna


    Carolyn Matkovich (carolyn_matkovich AT yahoo DOT com): extensive hardware help, guidance, testing and patience; editing of wiki

    Mike Peckford (mike.peckford AT gmail DOT com): extensive testing and discussions

    Margaret Campbell: extensive field testing


    Experienced field personnel:

    Bethany Thurber (bethany.thurber AT gmail DOT com)

    Holly Lightfoot (hollylightfoot AT hotmail DOT com)

    Annika Samuelson

    Pockets (deep or otherwise):

    • NSERC, through grants to Phil Taylor
    • Bird Studies Canada, through grants and in-kind support to Phil Taylor
    • Environment Canada, through contracts KR203-06-0102 and K4C25-07-0335 with John Brzustowski
    • Environment Canada, through grants and contracts to Phil Taylor
    • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Co-operative Research Agreement/Renewable Energy
    • Nova Scotia Ministry of Natural Resources, Habitat Conservation Fund
    • New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund
    • Swiss Ornithological Institute
    • Industry partners
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