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Download and Installation

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    1. 1. Detailed instructions

    Download site:  http://discovery.acadiau.ca/radR

    radR is installed in its own folder, rather than as an R package.

    The latest stable version is date-stamped for convenience.

    • Windows XP / Vista / 7:  the latest version stable version is found here
      You will need R version 2.5.1.   The R-2.5.1 executable installer is also here.
    • Linux: the source code for the latest stable version is here.  You will need R version 2.5.1

    Previous source and windows binary versions are available here.

    Detailed instructions

    First time installation: Windows  XP / Vista / 7  |  Linux
    ...if you have never installed radR before, or wish to create a new installation that will not use any saved parameter values or preferences from a previous installation.

    Upgrade installation: Windows XP / Vista / 7  |  Linux
    ... if you wish to upgrade an existing installation of radR.  Parameter values and preferences you saved with the existing version will be preserved in the new installation.

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