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Current Issues

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    This section is for discussing aspects of the current code that need further thought.

    For how to do something, check the FAQ. For actual bugs (places where the code fails to work), check Bugs.

    • 2013 Aug 6 (FIX): blipmovies with funny sweep durations cause the tracker to generate many spurious tracks;
      a new script fixes blipmovies in place.  Details here.
    • 2013 May 16 (FIX): blipmovies that won't open due to "zero tails" can be repaired by a new script.
    • 2013 April 10: running the tracker on a blipmovie saved with an exclusion zone is broken - see here for a workaround.
    • 2011 Dec. 05:  the tilter plugin should be adjusting filtering criteria based on elevation angle
    • Seascan pulse filtering - when is it used by radR?
    • zero-stradling pulses - how does/should radR deal with the cut at zero degrees?
    • blip data are included in stats cell updates - this current source of bias should be removed
      RESOLVED:  by default, blip samples are now excluded from cell statistics update calculations.
      You can revert to the old behaviour by unchecking Exclude blips from stats update in
      the blip controls window.
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