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Batch processing of blipmovies to extract tracks

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    You can run radR in a GUI-less mode suitable for processing multiple blipmovies unattended.  The behaviour described here can be customized by changing the file main/process_one.R in the radR folder.  Currently, output files are created in the same directory as their inputs.

    The parameters used for filtering blips, for the tracker, and for the antenna plugin can be specified in a batch parm file, whose settings will override those specified in the usual radR *.conf.R files.

    In both windows and unix versions, the batch file is run from a shell command prompt.  To get this under Windows, go to the Windows start menu and search for or run "cmd.exe", which opens up an old-school DOS-like window.  Then enter commands of this form:

    rbatch [ --parm PARMFILE.R ] file1 file2 ... filen


    • RADR_TOP_DIR is the path to the top level radR folder
    • the current directory "." is on your path.  If not, then specify ./rbatch or .\rbatch on unix or windows, respectively.
    • the optional batch parm file is specified by the --parm expression.  This must be a file in R syntax modelled after
      the file batchparm.R, which is in the radR top level folder.  You should rename a copy of this file and edit it to suit
      your needs.  This file serves to override the default parameter values found in the various *.conf.R files. If you only want to specify some override parameters, just remove the others from the batch parm file (make sure to preserve the R syntax).
    • file1 file2 ... filen are one or more blipmovies.  Each can be specified as one of the individual blipmovie files (i.e. those ending in ".bm" or ".bm.i" for new blipmovies, or ending in ".bma", ".blp", ".smp", or ".scr" for old blipmovies), or just the blipmovie name without any of these extensions. 
    • be careful with wildcards:
      • do this:  Fundy_2011_Sept_*.bm  (right: specifies all .bm files, so each movie is processed once)
      • not this: Fundy_2011_Sept_*   (wrong: specifies both .bm and .bm.i files, which ends up processing each blipmovie twice)


    cd ~/Desktop/radR
    ./rbatch --parm myparmfile.R /usr/data/radar/lighthouse200809*.bm

    Windows 7 screenshot:

    Pastable Windows 7 command example:

    cd c:\Users\john\Desktop\radR
    .\rbatch --parm batchparm.R d:\home\data\radar\2011_fundy\bb_20110522

    Windows XP works the same way, but the command window looks a bit different and the path
    to the desktop (if needed) is e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop

    Windows shortcuts:

    rbatch_shortcut.pngIf you create a shortcut to rbatch.bat, you can use the left mouse button to drag a set of selected blipmovies selected to the shortcut icon, and rbatch will process each one (again, make sure to select only one file from each blipmovie; it doesn't matter which).  You may add a "--parm PARMFILE.R" (without the quotes) after the shortcut name in its Properties | Shortcut | Target entry.  Also, you don't need to do a cd; just set the short cut Start in field to the top level radR folder.

    Note:  to use drag and drop, you must make a shortcut rather than use the rbatch.bat icon directly.  (Windows does not set the working directory to the radR top level folder before running the rbatch.bat icon).

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