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Initial installation: Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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    Install the required version of R for unix as well as GNU tar, bash, make and gcc.

    Download the most recent radRXXXsource.tgz:

    • Unpack and build radR by doing:
      • tar -xzvf radRXXXsource.tgz
      • cd radR
      • edit Makefile.unix.inc to ensure that the variables R_VERSION, R_INC, and R_LIBDIR point to the correct
        locations on your system; you might need to change other build variables in Makefile and Makefile.unix.inc
      • make; make local_install
    • Run radR by doing (from the radR directory):
      • cd LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR  (the location you set in Makefile.unix.inc)
      • R(R will run from the file .Rprofile)
    • On unix, the radR plugins seascan and xenex are not available; however, data recorded by a SeaScan or IntegRadar server, can be read by the seascanarch and xenexarch plugins, respectively.
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