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I've opened radR, now what do I do?

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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Additional Processing

    The basic radR paradigm is:
    • open a data source using the From: button in the player window
      from_button_in_player_window.png (player missing?  see below)

    • set options and parameters in the blip processing window

    • if recording data, open a data destination using the To: button in the player window

    • press the Play button (the right pointing triangle) in the player window
    Additional Processing

    To build tracks from targets, to read other kinds of data source, or for other functionality, you will have to load, configure, and enable plugins:

    • click the right mouse button in the plot window to pop-up the radR menu:


    (the right button pops up the radR menu from most radR windows).

    • choose the Plugins entry:


    • choose a name of a loaded plugin to pop up its menu for configuration and enabling/disabling


    • choose Load a plugin to load a plugin into radR.  Its name will then be added to the Pluginwindow
      and its menu will be displayed.


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    set target finding parameters in the blip processing window
    6.43 kB13:33, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    the Player window From button lets you choose a data source
    7.65 kB13:27, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    the plugin menu lets you load and configure plugins
    7.36 kB13:10, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    right click in the Plot window to get the radR menu
    6.39 kB13:10, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    the play button starts the radR processing loop
    10.59 kB13:41, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    the To button lets you select an output destination
    12.12 kB13:41, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
    the View menu lets you see missing windows
    5.07 kB13:10, 7 Oct 2010JohnActions
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