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Upgrade installation: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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    If necessary, install the version of R required for the new version of radR; this is still R 2.5.1 for radR 551.

    NEW as of radR 551:

    • extract the file radRXXXwindows.zip into a new folder
    • if R is not installed in its default location, make the appropriate change to radRX.Y.Z.bat in the top-level folder
    • run radR
    • from the radR main menu (right click in the plot window), do  Source R script... and choose the script


      which is in the radR scripts folder
    • you will be prompted to select the location of the old radR installation, and to select the plugins
      for which you want to copy old parameter values, as well as any antenna, pallete and zone files you want to copy.
    • quit radR (answering "No" to the "save configuration" question).  The copied parameter values and files will be available
      the next time you start radR.
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