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Where are the data for the currently displayed scan?

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    radR data are stored in external matrices ("extmats").  These are available as elements of the global list variable RSS:

    RSS$scan.mat:  the raw sample datadimensions:  samples_per_pulse x pulses

    RSS$score.mat: the sample scores;  dimensions:  samples_per_pulse x pulses

    RSS$class.mat: the sample classification;  dimensions: samples_per_pulse x pulses
         0 = cold sample
         1 = hot sample
         2 = hot sample that is in a blip
         3 = unused so far

    RSS$mean.mat:  the stats cell means;  dimensions:  (samples_per_pulse / samples_per_cell) x (pulses / pulses_per_cell)

    RSS$dev.mat: the stats cell deviations; dimensions:  (samples_per_pulse / samples_per_cell) x (pulses / pulses_per_cell)

    RSS$pix.mat: the scan-converted pixel values;  dimensions:  plot_window_width x plot_window_height

    The data in an extmat must be converted to native R values before they can be used in an R expression.  This is done by indexing the extmat.  For example:

    • max(RSS$scan.mat[])    ## the maximum sample value in the current scan
    • mean(RSS$class.mat[1:10, 1:20])  ## the average class of samples from the first 10 range bins of the first 20 pulses

    Note that an empty indexing expression, as in the first example, selects and converts the entire extmat into a native R matrix.
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