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Conversion of XIR3000 .REC file folders into blipmovies

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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Manually
    2. 2. Batch


    You can manually convert a folder of XIR3000 .REC files into a single blipmovie like this:

    • select the .REC folder using the From: button in the player
    • select a destination blipmovie file using the To: button in the player
    • make sure the record button is pressed in the player
    • choose blip processing parameters
    • hit "Play" in the player


    It is tedious to do this repeatedly, so you can use the script attached below to automate this.

    • save the script in your radR/scripts folder
    • start radR to get a GUI
    • set up the desired blip finding and filtering parameters in the blip processing window
    • right click in the plot window and choose Source R script...
    • select this script
    • when prompted, choose the top-level folder;  the script looks in sub-folders one level down for .REC files
    • each sub-folder with .REC files will be converted to a blipmovie and saved in the top-level folder
    • blipmovies will be given names consisting of the subfolder name pasted onto the name of the first .REC file
    • this script turns off plot wi ndow updates, but you will see progress indicated by changing timestamps in the plot window titlebar

    Note: as usual with radR, changing which plugins are active or changing their parameter values while processing may corrupt output blipmovies.  This is a long-standing bug which will be remedied in a future version.  It is safest to not adjust settings while radR is recording a blipmovie.

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