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    1. Generate list of all of our archived blipmovies to simplify data sharing. This list will include file name, antenna angle, start and end timestamps, and whether there was rain. Please comment below if you have other ideas about what should be included. Something else that may need to be is to rename the blipmovie files so that they are consistantly named at least within datasets. For my analyses I renamed the *.csv files rather than the *.bm so I didn't do anything irreversible and dumb.

    2. Batchprocess data from Pterophylla 2008, 2009, Norm Jones Farm, Pubnico Point, and the Tip. Batch parms have been identified for most, now fixing corrupted files, and locating missing files. Completed 14 Nov 2010.

    * note OC summer data from 2008 have not been batchprocessed: 20080614 - 20080812

    3. Generate summary files of all datasets. Completed 29 Oct 2010

    4. Combine blips into tracks with summary data for datasets in "Up and coming items". Completed 13 Dec 2010.

    5. Make blip plots for Pubnico, NJF, and PT data. Completed 2 Dec 2010 *Will get these printed soon

    6. ID rain times for datasets to be used for datasets in "Up and coming items".

    7. Final check of all datasets that all files properly batchprocessed. Completed 15 Dec 2010

    Up and coming items:

    8a. Identify specific questions and general outline for data organization for topic: height and density distributions of migrants along a coastal -> inland transect.

    8b. Organize data recorded at OC, PT, and NJF fall 2008. Perform analysis and data summary.

    9. process data recorded at PT 2009, including spring, summer, and fall. Consider number of migrants over, and orientations of flights from agricultural versus forested areas.

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