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Initial installation: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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    2014 April 02: Note to non-English users installing in Windows 8 (and possibly other versions):
    you might need to use your native language's name for the path to "c:\Program Files (x86)" in the
    RHOME variable.  See the new example below.

    Install the required R for windows (the version of R required for radR will change no more than once per year).

    Download the most recent radRXXXwindows.zip, or your choice of previous or stable versions from here.  As of Oct 2008, revision numbers were reset to 1. Check the file dates:

    • Install radRXXXwindows.zip by unzipping it (using right-click then Extract all...) to a folder (e.g. a folder called radR on your desktop).

      WinZip Warning: if you are not using Windows' built-in "Extract all..." program, then you should verify that your unzip program has correctly created radR subfolders.  These should include at least: antennas, main, gui, packages, plugins, palettes, zones.  At least one version of WinZip has been found to incorrectly flatten this substructure and corrupt files.  The symptom is radR not starting at all, or starting with an error message about "strictenv" and then exiting.  Unzip programs known to work are the "Compressed Files" handler built into Windows XP, and the free Info-Zip program.

    • if If R is not installed in its default location (C:\Program Files\R\R-X.Y.Z\bin), then edit the file
      radRX.Y.Z.bat in the top-level radR folder to change the first line from:
    set RHOME=c:\Program Files\R\R-X.Y.Z


    set RHOME=<the path to your R installation>
    set RHOME="C:\Program Files (x86)\R\R-2.5.1"
    for R 2-5-1 installed on the C drive under a 64-bit version of windows

    or, for users with non-English versions of Windows:

    set RHOME=<the path to your R installation, in your native language>
    e.g. for Italian:
    set RHOME="C:\Programmi (x86)\R\R-2.5.1"
    e.g. for French:  (unverified)
    set RHOME="C:\Logiciels (x86)\R\R-2.5.1"
    for R 2-5-1 installed on the C drive under a 64-bit version of windows in a language other than English.

    (where X.Y.Z is the version of R required for the version of radR you wish to use)

    • run radR: double-click on the radRX.Y.Z.bat file in that folder, where X.Y.Z is the required version of R.
    • Alternatively:
      • run the graphic version of R, Rgui.exe, from within the radR folder;  this is best done by creating a shortcut to Rgui.exe which starts in the radR folder.
      • from the menu: File | Change dir... and change the directory to the radR folder
      • from the menu: File | Source R code... and select .Rprofile
      • you might need to minimize the Rgui window to see the radR windows
    • To hide the Rterm console window when starting from the radRX.Y.Z.bat, right click on its icon and drag to the desktop and choose Create a shortcut here.  Right-click on the new shortcut icon and choose Properties.  Then, in the Shortcut panel, change the Run property to minimized.
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