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When I enter RSS$scan.mat in the console window, I just get a summary message. How do I see the raw numbers?

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    Here's how to manipulate the extmats:

    • convert to a regular R matrix using empty brackets:

    x <- RSS$scan.mat[]   ## x receives a copy of the whole scan as a normal R matrix

    • show some of the data by indexing, which converts to a normal R matrix and prints the result:

    RSS$scan.mat[1:10, 15:20]  ## prints samples 1 through 10 of pulses 15 through 20

    • modify some of the data by indexed assignment:

    RSS$scan.mat [300:350,] <- 252     ## paint a white ring into the raw data buffer
    gui.update.plot.window()           ## scan convert the new raw data and display it

    • get the dimensions of the data using the dim() function, just as for an R matrix:


    • extract scores for a blip by matrix indexing:

    blip.sample <- c(100, 100, 101, 101, 102, 102, 102, 103)   ## radial coordinates of samples in blipblip.pulse  <- c(222, 223, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 227)                  ## angular coordinates of samples in blip
    blip.data <- RSS$score.mat[cbind(blip.sample, blip.pulse)] ## cbind creates an indexing matrix

    So blip.data now holds the raw data for (sample 100, pulse 222), (sample 100, pulse 223), sample(101, pulse 223) and so on.

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