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Possible range bug in newer (RLC 4) .REC files

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    Apparent Bug

    Users have noticed inconsistencies in the range displayed by radR for .REC files recorded in 2009 vs. 2011.  Based on distances to known targets, the ranges are correct for 2009 files, but incorrect for 2011 files.  Attached below are examples showing this problem.  If you save them in the same folder, and run radR with the pointerinfo plugin unloaded, you can switch back and forth between the two files (which will appear as a single archive with two scans.)   Both files specify a base sampling rate of 100 MHz and a range index of 2, which implies an effective sampling rate of 25 MHz ( = 100 MHz / 2^2) and a range cell size of ~ 6 m.  This is correct for the 2009 file, but not for the 2011 file, where the range cell size appears to be approximately 3.25 m instead.

    The inconsistency is also displayed by RTI's RadarSample (from version of the RTI SDK), as seen in this screenshot of two copies of RadarSample running, showing the files (I had to duplicate each .REC file in its own folder, with sequential names, in order to show these):

    It is entirely possible this "bug" is due to the 2011 file having been recorded with a newer version of the RTI SDK, and as soon as I have access to the latter, I will confirm and/or fix this.

    Temporary radR workaround

    In the meantime, the following workaround is available in radR, on the assumption the range cell sizes in 2011 files are too large by a factor of 6 / 3.25.  In the radR console, or in the file radR/main/startup.windows.R or startup.unix.R, add this line:

      rss.add.hook("GET_SCAN_INFO", function(si) {si$sample.dist <- si$sample.dist / (6 / 3.25); return(si)})

    This line alters scan metadata before any further processing (including scan conversion) takes place.  You should only use this line when the file you are processing is known to have this bug (e.g. 2011 files).

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    RadarSample displaying data from .REC files recorded at site in 2009 (right) and 2011 (left). Range is correct for 2009, but expanded in 2011, despite file fields indicating the sample base clock rate and range index.
    235.39 kB14:33, 24 Oct 2011JohnActions
     Recording 00000001.rec
    2011 file: range is incorrect; File type is REC_RLC_4
    1835.46 kB14:36, 24 Oct 2011JohnActions
     Recording 00000077.rec
    2009 file: range is correct; FIle type is REC_RLC_3
    18.04 kB14:36, 24 Oct 2011JohnActions
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