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USRP-1 issues under Windows

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    • [21 Oct, 2011] flaky USB-3 port on ASUS G73S laptops:  do not use the USRP in this port (it is identified by having a blue rather than white or black plastic tab inside the port.)  radR will crash when closing down the USRP source, and/or the system grinds to a halt while you try to change USRP digitizing parameters.
    • [21 Oct, 2011] Poor fine-scale single-threaded libusb USB-2 throughput on ASUS G73S laptops.  The symptom is a choppy looking display.  which appears to jitter and show jumping clutter.  Workaround:  use a larger range-cell size and/or fewer samples per pulse.  Ironically, this problem does not arise on the lower-power and cheaper ASUS K52J laptop with which USRP development is done.  It is possible this issue is due to some strange configuration of the computer, as the user's IT department had modified the operating system installation.

    Both of these problems should be solved when radR moves to using UHD drivers for the USRP, which we aim to do by early 2012.

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