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USRP with incorrect VID/PID

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    Occasionally (only once so far), a USRP-1 is shipped with the incorrect VID/PID (i.e. not FFFE / 0002) stored in the motherboard EEPROM.  This can be seen when the device's details are examined in the Windows device manager, or via 'lsusb' on Linux.

    The symptom is that Windows fails to install USRP device drivers when guided according to the instructions, or that the usrp is not found under linux.

    What follows are technical notes on how we fixed this problem.  The fix is straightforward but currently requires access to the usrp gnuradio_bbprx source code and build system.  The USRP exposing the problem had VID=0x0101 and PID=0x0001, which we use as an example here:

    1. change the FX2 USB VID:PID pair in gnuradio/usrp/firmware/include/usrp_ids.h to match whatever the USRP is reporting as VID:PID:
      #define    USB_VID_CYPRESS            0x0101    // original: 0x04b4
      #define    USB_PID_CYPRESS_FX2        0x0001    // original: 0x8613
    2. do:

      cd gnuradio/usrp
      make install
    3. power cycle the USRP and plug it into the computer

    4. do:

      which will take some time.  The first command, usrper -x should report "found unconfigured FX2; needs firmware".
    5. power cycle the USRP and plug it into the computer

    6. revert the file usrp_ids.h so it has the original FX2 VID:PID values:

      #define    USB_VID_CYPRESS            0x04b4
      #define    USB_PID_CYPRESS_FX2        0x8613
    7. do:

      cd gnuradio/usrp
      make install

    The usrp should now function correctly.

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