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Installing Windows drivers for the USRP-1

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    Using the USRP-1 with radR under Windows requires installation of a driver from the open source libusb-win32 project, which
    is redistributed with radR.  The following instructions are for Windows 7, but a similar approach works for Windows Vista and XP.

    Make sure you have installed the windows driver files from here:


    (If you have installed any UHD drivers from Ettus.com, you will probably have to uninstall the USRP device
     from the Windows control panel before continuing with the following instructions.)

    This zip file should be extracted into the radRXXX/plugins/usrp/windows_drivers subfolder, replacing any existing files there.

    1. The USRP-1 does not have a power switch:  just plug in the power supply to turn it on.
    2. Connect the USB cable between the front panel of the USRP-1 and a USB port on your PC.
    3. Windows will notice the device and will display an error indicating it was unable to install the new hardware.
    4. From the Windows start menu, go to the Device Manager and find an unknown device indicated by a yellow "!".

    5. Right click on the unknown device and choose Properties.  Verify that the Details panel shows the correct VID and PID
      values (VID_FFFE  PID_0002; don't worry about REV)
      If your VID/PID values do not match these, please see this page.
    6. From the Driver panel, choose Update Driver...


    7. Then choose Browse my computer for driver software


    8. Click the Browse button and locate the folder radR / plugins / usrp / windows_drivers. 
      Make sure Include subfolders is checked,  then click Next.

    9. You will probably receive a Windows security.  Click on Install this driver anyway.


    10. After a few seconds, you should see a screen reporting successful installation of the USRP-1 driver.

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