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    radR is a collection of R and dynamic library files. It is not yet an R "package".

    Windows (XP/NT):

    • install a version of R for windows (2.3.1 or higher)
    • download the most recent here.
    • view the CHANGELOGhere.
    • install by unzipping it to a folder.
    • run radR: double-click on the radR_X_Y_Z.bat file in that folder, where X.Y.Z is the
      version of R you wish to use.  Alternatively:
      • run the graphic version of R, Rgui.exe
      • from the menu: File | Change dir... and change the directory to the radR folder
      • from the menu: File | Source R code... and select radR.R
      • you might need to minimize the Rgui window to see the radR windows
    • if R is not installed in the usual location (C:\Program Files\R\R-X.Y.Z\bin) then edit
      radR_X_Y_Z.bat to change the path in the first line: set PATH=%PATH%;c:\Program Files\R\R-2.3.0\bin
    • you can set up radR to interface with a SeaScan server


    • install a version of R for unix (2.3.1 or higher)
    • you also need GNU tar, bash, make and gcc
    • download the most recent radRXXXsource.tgz here.
    • unpack and build radR by doing:
      • tar -xzvf radRXXXsource.tgz
      • cd radR
      • make
    • run radR by doing (from the radR directory):
      • R --no-readline --no-save
      • source("radR.R")  ## from inside R
    • on unix, radR can't interface with a SeaScan server, but it can read data recorded by one

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